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What We Do
2iDEAS - Event & Project Management

events & project management

Our experienced project personnel ensure that each events or projects are being well planned and executed, seeing through all process from the start till the end.

2iDEAS - Large Format Printing

large format printing

Well equipped with printers and machines to bring out superior quality in terms of colours and resolution using our Solvent and Ultra Violet (UV) printers which can print up to 3.2m. Besides the basic V-cut, our ESKO cutting machine…


design & build

From a zero to a full build up structure, we as a team work together from brainstorming to designing and production and finally building it to life.

2iDEAS - Creative Services

creative services

Thinking out of the box, we have more than 2iDEAS coming together to bring out an extraordinary proposal.

installation services

It’s amazing how a pair of hands can work its magic to bring ideas to reality, it can simply be just with a penknife and ladder. We offer a wide range of services, from car decal wrapping.

props customisation

Customising props that uniquely cater to one’s request. Building from scratch from various materials from metal, acrylic and wood. We will experiment and proposed the best and ideal.